Va Voom

Va Voom capitalizes on fifteen years in journalism, fashion, visual arts and film.

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Charlotte Léouzon, founder

In order to facilitate a cross-pollination between her scope of interest, Charlotte Léouzon created Va Voom in 2009, an independent consulting office for trends forecasting, talent scouting and creative inspiration. With Va Voom, Charlotte Léouzon has become a creative partner and a pathfinder for brands, advertising agencies, agents and production companies.

Charlotte Léouzon

Charlotte Léouzon is a creative advisor & trends consultant for brands, AD agencies and film production companies. She’s also a curator in digital art & video.

For 20 years, she worked as an independent journalist, writing for Liberation and magazines like Jalouse, Dépêche Mode and Beaux Arts. She created and animated several programs for Radio France. She also collaborated with Catherine Miran Press Office as a PR specializing in premium fashion brands like Isabel Marant.

In parallel, Charlotte Léouzon curated exhibitions and video programs for art institutions and private galleries like Kamel Mennour, la Gaîté Lyrique and la Maison des Arts de Créteil. She’s a long term collaborator to Canal+ “Oeil de Links” tv program.

As a captor of influences Va Voom is permanently spotting the next generation of creative visionaires, searching for imaginative thinking and browsing multi-disciplinary emerging trends.

Over one decade, Va Voom has become a very exclusive and unique “Eye & Flair” for the creative industry, spotting the next generation of image-makers & artists, browsing emerging visual trends and conceiving innovative projects.

Luxury brands, advertising agencies, production companies, galleries and art institutions, are provided with new approaches, prospective analysis, innovative proposals and arresting artists, boosting their creative offer and their strategic options.

“Eclectic, her projects are impressionist riffs where sense, sincerity, singularity and sensuality are intricately linked.”