Creative Consulting for Creative Industries

Va Voom is a creative consulting office with eye & flair, curating inspirational content, spotting the next generation of image-makers and forecasting emerging visual trends. Va Voom collaborates with clients looking for lateral thinking, eager to come up with original ideas and to widen their talents’ insights.

Sense Maker
In the nowadays sea of infobesity where one disposes of less and less time and availability of mind, Va Voom knows how to highlight the relevant information and the visually singular currents.
Credits — Young Replicant. 5 Gum Redux
Eye & Flair
Va Voom is a sensor of aesthetic influences and a discoverer of emerging talents. This intuitiveness and passion for the young creation allows to detect, very early on, the authors of new forms of expression, ranging from directors to photographers, visual artists, graphic designers, motion designers, set designers, illustrators, digital innovators, art directors...
Credits — Max Schlickenmeyer, The Most Astounding Fact
Match Maker
Va Voom capitalizes its experience on fifteen years in journalism, fashion, visual arts and film. Thanks to a boundless curiosity, Va Voom has built an enthusiastic relationship with a vast network of international talents, both emerging and confirmed, maintaining a fruitful conversation with all the artists.
Credits — Suzie & Léo, Screenplay
Va Voom offers a monthly report entirely custom-made and fully exclusive. Visionary and deliberately eclectic, this trend monitoring uses the artistic vibrations of the time to trigger inventiveness.
Credits — Thirty-Two. Benjamin Moore. Is it still-paint?