Charlotte Léouzon

After her studies in press, communication and multimedia, Charlotte Léouzon worked as an independent journalist specializing in culture, medias and music. She collaborated with the daily national newspaper Libération as well as fashion and art magazines such as Jalouse, Dépêche Mode and Beaux-Arts. She also animated several programs for Radio France (Tribus, La Bodega de Carlotta).

Charlotte has also been a long-term collaborator of Canal + “Oeil de Links” Tv program, specializing in web cultures. For a few years, she worked with Catherine Miran’s PR office, specializing in strategic support for fashion brands.

Always passionated with the young talents' discovery, Charlotte Léouzon has also worked as an independent curator, organising digital exhibitions and video programs for La Gaité Lyrique or La MAC de Créteil.

She also accompanied two outstanding artists. The painter and illustrator Guy Peellaert, curating an exhibition of his iconic seventies "Rock Dreams" paintings. And the belgium media-artist Johan Grimonprez, co-curating with him highly political video exhibitions.

In 2000, Charlotte Léouzon started to talent-scout for international productions companies. Capitalizing on more than 20 years in journalism, fashion, visual arts and film, she launched Va Voom in 2009.